Josip Iličić hasn't commented on the news that he won't play for Maribor anymore, but has responded on Instagram

On the very day when Damir Krznar informed him that he's no longer part of the team's plans, Josip Iličić posted a photo from the peak of his career.

18. September 2023

Josip Iličić (Foto: Uradni FB/TW/IG profil igralca)

Iličić reacted to the developments in Maribor, where he's currently a central figure. The former Slovenian national player learned from Damir Krznar yesterday that he's no longer in the team's future plans, implying he won't play for Maribor again.

Iličić, who on the field over the past year was merely a shadow of the once exceptional player, posted a photo on Instagram holding an award.

He received it in 2018 when he shone in Atalanta's jersey. At that time, he was named in the Serie A's best XI, and it seems with the photo, he wanted to remind Maribor's decision-makers, the coach, and the public about how good of a footballer he is (or was).

While everyone is well aware of his past prowess, it doesn't change the fact that his stint in Maribor turned out to be a debacle, which, according to the coach, negatively impacts Maribor's players and the team's morale. On top of that, Iličić is highly paid by Slovenian standards in Maribor, but his performance doesn't match his compensation.