Milan turns black and blue: Inter achieves historic streak against arch-rival AC Milan

Inter has defeated its city rival Milan for the fifth consecutive time, establishing dominance in Italy's fashion capital.

17. September 2023

Lautaro Martinez (Foto: Getty Images)

Historically, Milan has never lost five times in a row to Inter across all competitions. It was quite poetic that Inter scored five goals against their opponent last night, now occupying the top spot in the Italian league standings.

After four rounds, Inter remains unbeaten in Serie A, accumulating four victories and currently appearing as a strong contender for the championship title at the end of the season. 

There's still a long way to go, but Inter clearly showcases excellent form at the beginning of the new season. Milan suffered a significant loss yesterday, while reigning champions Napoli have had a lackluster defense of their title in the initial rounds - with Juventus remaining undefeated.

It's worth noting that both of Rome's top-tier teams have had a disastrous start this year. Lazio has lost three times, finding themselves in 14th place, while Roma is even further down in 18th position.